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Sophisticated, Effortlessly Elegant Venice Elopement

Venice, Italy

In the heart of Venice, where history whispers through every cobblestone street and the timeless beauty of the city dances on the water, Elizabeth and Will's love story unfolded in a celebration that was nothing short of pure sophistication.

For this couple from the US, Venice held a special place in their hearts for reasons deeply sentimental. A city where every corner seemed to hold a cherished memory. Choosing Venice as their wedding location was an ode to their shared history and the promise of a beautiful future together.

The couple's vision was clear - an intimate, stress-free celebration where the spotlight remained firmly on them. And so, it was. Our mission was to transform their dream into reality.

Every facet of their day, from the ethereal dawn ceremony in the iconic St. Mark's Square to the meticulously crafted stationery design, bespoke boat tours, and intimate dinner overlooking the Grand Canal, was thoughtfully curated.

We had the pleasure of conversing with Elizabeth to understand her vision of elegance. It was clear that she sought a style that was effortlessly chic, a reflection of her own grace. With this inspiration, we assembled an extraordinary team to bring her dream to life.

"  It was just us and our team (Marigiulia, Sierra, Omar, and Linda). We wanted our wedding day to be intimate, stress free, and for the focus to remain on us- what matters most. It would have been too easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone else had we had guests. I said numerous times during our day “whatever happens, happens, I don’t care”. And I truly didn’t care. It was truly stress free and I was able to just live in the moment and be happy. We both agree we made the right decision. It was the best day ever which is so cliche to say but it really was. It was so magical I teared up when it was time to say goodbye to our team at dinner. We owe the success of our unforgettable day to them. "

This elopement was not just a wedding, it was a memory of a lifetime, and a love story forever intertwined with the enchantment of Venice

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Photographer : Sierra Katrina
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