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Rikki & Ben's Luxurious Amalfi Coast Elopement

Amalfi Coast

Traveling across the globe from Australia, Rikki & Ben chose the breathtaking Amalfi Coast as the backdrop for their dreamy and intimate celebration. From the inception of this project, our hearts were captivated by their vision.

The bride's desire for a total white, elegant vibe resonated seamlessly with our signature style. Thus, the journey to create a celebration that epitomised sophistication, timeless elegance, and a touch of modern flair commenced.

Designing a total white experience that transcends the ordinary, we delved into the intricate world of textures, meticulously crafting each detail. Every element was intentional, a carefully orchestrated dance of sophistication and contemporary allure.

From the grand vision down to the minutest detail, our goal was to create a celebration that went beyond expectations. With each moment perfectly planned, Rikki and Ben could savor their day without a worry in the world.

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Sarah Tonkin
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