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Elegance and Romance: An Intimate Dream Wedding in the Heart of Rome


In a city steeped in history and brimming with romance, a love story unfolded that blended modern elegance with timeless charm. An American couple embarked on a journey to celebrate their union in none other than the eternal city of Rome. This intimate destination wedding was a celebration of love, exquisite details, and unforgettable moments that captured the hearts of everyone present.

Against the backdrop of cobblestone streets and historic architecture, Jery and Kris chose to declare their love in Rome, in the marvellous St.Peter’s Basilica. The city's rich history and breathtaking beauty offered the perfect setting for their intimate wedding. As guests arrived from the US, anticipation filled the air, promising a celebration that would be etched in their memories forever.

Jery and Kris were not just planning a wedding; they were crafting an experience. Every detail was meticulously chosen to bring their dream to life. The couple's vision was a total white wedding, exuding elegance and timelessness. From the floral arrangements to the delicate place settings, every element was designed to complement the couple's love story.

At the heart of the celebration was the reception table that embodied the couple's aspirations. Dressed in pristine white linen, adorned with delicate crystal glassware and shimmering silverware, the table was a masterpiece. Tall candles flickered in exquisite candelabras, casting a warm glow that illuminated the smiles and laughter of the couple's closest friends and family.

Jery and Kris were not content with just celebrating within the confines of their venue. They wanted their guests to experience the enchantment of Rome. After a dreamy cake-cutting moment, the couple surprised their guests with a private tour of the city's most iconic landmarks. From the awe-inspiring Colosseum to the romantic Trevi Fountain, each corner of the city became a part of their love story.

As the sun set over the Tiber River, the couple's destination wedding turned into a day of cherished memories. Laughter, music, and heartfelt toasts echoed through the night, creating an atmosphere of joy that mirrored the couple's love. The intimate nature of the event allowed every guest to truly connect, forging bonds that would last a lifetime.

Jery and Kris’ intimate wedding in Rome was more than a celebration; it was a journey of love and exploration. Against the backdrop of the eternal city, their dream wedding unfolded, weaving together elegance, romance, and a deep connection to the history of the place. As the night came to a close, the couple's love story was forever intertwined with the enchanting corners of Rome, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to witness their special day.

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Paola Lattarini
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